The Carolina Forward Slate

North Carolina’s leaders are failing us.

After ten years of Republican leadership in our legislature, our state can’t take much more. We’ve seen slower growth, rural decline, and shrinking school budgets, while corporate lobbyists hold sway in Raleigh. Radical right-wing ideologues have made our state the worst state for workers in America and left our teacher pay and schools even further behind while pushing extremist social agendas – and they’re only getting started.

But another path is possible: a North Carolina where everyone is included. Where we invest in North Carolina’s families, workers, schools and our future together – not in politicians’ pet interests and entrenched corporate priorities.

That future starts here: in bold new leadership for North Carolina.

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Howard Hunter

House District 5 (Northeast NC)

Hunter is a fourth-term representative from Hertford county, where he is a small business owner.

Amy DeLoach

House District 20 (New Hanover)

DeLoach is a first-time candidate from Wilmington. A native of the area, she and her family have a lifetime of community service to the region.

Terence Everitt

House District 35 (Wake)

Everitt is a second-term representative from Wake Forest, where he is a small business owner.

Diamond Staton-Williams

House District 73 (Cabarrus)

Staton-Williams is a member of the Harrisburg Town Council and a director of ambulatory care.

Christy Clark

House District 98 (Mecklenburg)

Clark is an entrepreneur, small business owner and former state representative passionate about public education and environmental quality.

Laura Budd

House District 103 (Mecklenburg)

Budd is the managing partner of her own law firm, a legal instructor, and volunteer athletic organizer.

Marcia Morgan

Senate District 7 (New Hanover)

A retired U.S. Army Colonel, Morgan has built a career in education and service to her nation. She is passionate about environmental quality and sustainable, long-term economic growth.

Sydney Batch

Senate District 17 (Wake)

Batch is a first-term state senator from Wake. She is a small business owner, family law attorney and social worker in her community.

Mary Wills Bode

Senate District 18 (Granville, Wake)

Bode is an attorney, a non-profit executive and native of the district whose family has lived in Granville for generations.

The Carolina Forward Slate is a collection of bold progressive leaders running to take and defend seats the NC State House and Senate. We used some very simple criteria in choosing our endorsements:

Republicans have controlled North Carolina’s legislature for over a decade, and the election maps are still gerrymandered to favor them. What keeps the most radical right-wing elements of the legislature from running amok is one thing: Governor Cooper’s veto power.

Because Democrats have the votes to sustain Governor Cooper’s veto, they are able to force Republican leaders to negotiate in a bipartisan fashion to get significant legislation passed. Here is a brief list of recent Republican legislation that Governor Cooper’s veto power has successfully stopped:

This is, of course, just a very short list.

As we look across the country, we can see what Republican legislators unrestrained by an opposition are doing: Texas Republicans put a $10,000 bounty on women’s heads for seeking abortion care. Georgia Republicans made it illegal to give water to people who are forced to wait hours in line to vote. Virginia Republicans attempted to slash the state minimum wage Democrats raised in 2020 (fortunately, their attempt was foiled).

Make no mistake – all of these things, and more, are in our future if Republican leaders win another supermajority in North Carolina. The last time they had unchecked power, they gutted our worker safety net, passed giant corporate giveaways, and the most radical and bigoted elements of their party passed House Bill 2. “HB2” was the infamous and hateful anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2015 that not only turned North Carolina into a national laughingstock, but cost our state thousands of badly-needed jobs and billions in new investment.

What will they do next time? Whose livelihoods will they endanger to advance bigoted special interests? Whose jobs will they sacrifice to punch down at our most vulnerable friends and neighbors? Yours?

Let’s not find out.

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