Protect North Carolina’s Courts

Honesty, Integrity and the Rule of Law

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For Supreme Court

N.C. Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is North Carolina’s second-highest court. These are immensely important positions in our state justice system.

Protect Our Courts

Our state’s justice system is under assault from hardcore right-wing ideologues who want to yank North Carolina backwards. They have a long-term strategy to make our courts just another cynical political circus, and they must be stopped.

An effective, impartial judiciary doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires the support of normal, everyday North Carolinians who want judges who will uphold the law, not pursue extreme ideological agendas from the bench. Our judiciary needs your help.

In 2020, Chief Justice Cheri Beasley lost her race by only 401 votes out of more than 5 million cast. Want to make a difference in 2022? Here’s how.

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